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Hello Good Neighbor

Nov 10, 2021

Hello Good Neighbor,

This episode was recorded on 10/31/2021 and I've completed it for upload on 11/09/2021. Over the last week, it has been interesting to hear others talking about "vision casting". It's amazing that there are points in time and in life where humanity seems to align for a conversation that is greatly needed. For my part, or that which I believe was given to me to speak on, I am grateful for the experiences that I have had over my career and even growing up. I am able to look back on events where visions were cast and other times where the whirlwind ensued. 

Today's thought explores our part in the vision casting process. Our part? Who else is there? Well, God is involved, whether we acknowledge this or not, scripture informs us of how our desires and paths cross the almighty's field of vision, and the interesting thing is, that we get to play a part in it all. That's right, He knows our desires and as we put plans into place, dream things up, and take the steps needed to accomplish our goals, He will direct our paths. (assuming that we acknowledge His role and favor in our lives). 

The God of the universe desires that we move forward with visions and not simply be "stuck" in a holding pattern of life. To, move forward and see what will come. We are to seek Him first and acknowledge His presence in this life, and with that knowing, that belief, He will allow us to dream and will be an active participant in the outcome.

Will it always turn out as we planned? No, His ways are bigger than ours, and yet, we are to plan, acknowledge Him, and take steps forward.

I hope you enjoy this episode that also includes a short personal story of how this very topic came into the neighborhood, through a walk and talk with my beloved bride. We were casting, both in the sense of fishing and of visioning!

Be blessed, bless others, and explore "all things neighborly"...

Thank you for listening.

Tony Slabaugh