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Hello Good Neighbor

Dec 24, 2022

Hello Good Neighbor,

In this episode, I give a brief update on the goings-on in my world and share a story from a recent event, which could have been slightly embarrassing or simply amusing.

Announcing a new addition to our podcast neighborhood:

"Goodnight Good Neighbor", Trailer Episode 1

The Goodnight Good Neighbor Podcast will feature stories, scripture readings, affirmations, and thoughts of imagination, all the while, helping listeners to wind down, slow the chorus of the day, and listen to simple stories that are shared through our platform. We hope you enjoy and pass it on.

I also mention in today's Hello Good Neighbor episode that we now have a way for listeners to support us with their financial gifts. If you are blessed by the content found on our platform and want to help us grow, we thank you for your thoughtful gifts of consideration. We are grateful for all of our supporters. The link is below:

If you've read this far, thank you! Today's episode deals with how we communicate with those around us during busy and potentially embarrassing situations. What would you do? What am I talking about? You'll have to listen to the episode and let us know...

Thank you for being here, for sharing our body of work, and for sharing your feedback with us.

Tony Slabaugh