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Hello Good Neighbor

Aug 28, 2021

Hello Good Neighbor,

I would like to introduce you to Dennis and Suzie Legg. They are friends of ours, and "Friends of Fort Liberte". They are involved with this mission project down in Haiti, facilitated through the Jerusalem Baptist Church in Fort Liberte. 

They are here to share stories from this effort which goes back to 1973, became an official 501 (c) (3) in 1993, and has since grown to serve both young and old through ministry helps, building efforts, provision of shelter, a farm system and more.

Listen as they describe how they have left a part of their hearts in Fort Liberte, with its people and the passion they have to share with others about the Haitians who are thankful beyond measure.

Stories of faith, the power of prayer, and praise to the God who has given so much to those who seek him.

If you feel the need to listen in two parts, there's a change of conversation around the 27:45 minute mark, otherwise, enjoy and share with others.

For more information about the mission and how you may support those in need, if you are led to do so, check out the website:

or write to:

Friends of Fort Liberte

P.O. Box 8282

South Charleston, WV 25303


Thank you for listening, downloading, and sharing with others who you would consider as neighbors.

Tony Slabaugh

Hello Good Neighbor | August 28, 2021