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Hello Good Neighbor

Jul 18, 2021

Hello Good Neighbor,

This morning I was outside working on an outdoor pizza oven and was very aware of the pending rain showers that were to start in the afternoon.

Watching the radar and seeing the pattern of bands coming our way, I knew a pop-up storm could occur at any time.

So what do you do? You listen for the rain, the evidence of what is on the horizon. The thunder and lightning, indicators of storms on the horizon.

In laying the stonework for the oven, sometimes you need to step back and get a wider view, sometimes you may ask for another's opinion or thoughts on the task at hand. 

The rain and the stonework made me think of how we listen to others, how we elicit others to get involved, and then what we actually do with their input. Sometimes we are too close to a situation and need to step back and get a fresh look.

Today's episode touches on the subject of listening appropriately and how to set oneself (and the other) for success in the act of receiving words and listening to hear.

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