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Hello Good Neighbor

Jan 23, 2022

Hello Good Neighbor,

We all talk to ourselves at times, whether for motivation or to work out details in life. There are some that do this on a regular basis. This self-talk is a part of their everyday lives and is a means of expressing what they are thinking and achieving a solution to what they may working through.

Most of us have counted out loud, sung in the shower or car, and expressed ourselves in a manner that I could describe as a "Soliloquy for One".

Our ability to communicate to ourselves when needed, to others, and to God, will be expressed in different ways. Each of us has a way of communicating that may have commonality with others, but it is our own. Our style, our expression. Consider this the next time you meet someone who is talking to themselves. They may be hearing exactly what they need and communicating to you something more.

Be blessed, and be a blessing to others by spreading goodwill and practicing "all things neighborly".

Thank you for listening!