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Hello Good Neighbor

Feb 14, 2021

Hello Good Neighbor,

Today we are blessed with our first guest, my beautiful bride, Aine. This episode was recorded on Valentine's Day, 2021, and we want to communicate to you a message that you are loved.

You are unique and special and the fact that you are listening to or reading this right now means so much. The...

Feb 13, 2021

In this episode of Hello Good Neighbor, we will explore the concept of the commute. Years ago I heard of how Sara Blakely, Founder and CEO of SPANX would purposely add some travel time to her morning commute to prepare for the day ahead. This got me thinking about how we manage our time throughout our commutes,...

Feb 1, 2021

Welcome to the Hello Good Neighbor Podcast. Episode 1 and 2 will prepare you for today's conversation, which I must say, carries a bit more depth of conversation surrounding my worldview which includes my belief in God, and our relationship to the creator of our souls. As we explore many of life's topics, my hope is to...