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Hello Good Neighbor

Jul 14, 2022

Hello Good Neighbor,

Last week I mentioned a recent vacation of ours and as with any vacation, we often take pictures to preserve a moment in time. We make memories both on and off of the trails of life, so in this episode, I share a few recent moments that were captured in my mind and maybe on film.

If this is your first listen, thank you for visiting our neighborhood. Here we explore life through the lens of a scripture verse that simply says "you shall love your neighbor as yourself". 

This worldview permeates our content as we explore "all things neighborly". If you like our content, we love to hear from you and enjoy reading your reviews when available on the platform you choose.

In this episode, I share a moment at our farm, while I was away, and yet, my wife Aine was able to capture something rare and beautiful, "fireflies in the lavender at dusk".

The link will take you to our farm channel on YouTube, or you may check it out as one of our Facebook posts @ IntheNookFarm.