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Hello Good Neighbor

Feb 1, 2021

Welcome to the Hello Good Neighbor Podcast. Episode 1 and 2 will prepare you for today's conversation, which I must say, carries a bit more depth of conversation surrounding my worldview which includes my belief in God, and our relationship to the creator of our souls. As we explore many of life's topics, my hope is to find the commonality in our experience. I believe the greatest commonality is also the reason for our existence, and how we view our place and purpose while here on this earth.

I'm not covering every thought or aspect of purpose today, and yet, the subject of contentment (versus complacency) is discussed as it relates to our daily walk.

Are we living lives of contentment? If so, why? How can we live a life of service and gratitude to the nebulous universe that supposedly birthed us? I believe there is a greater purpose and calling upon our lives, not necessarily "one thing" in life, but for many, a life full of opportunity to serve and to be available for change through a life of contentment, knowing our true place in this world and why we are here. 

The conversation has begun.

I also have created an email that will be dedicated to your submissions for topics and short stories that we may explore on future episodes or on a community forum such as Hello Good Neighbor, currently found in FaceBook groups.

The email: 

I hope you enjoy the depth in todays episode and that you will consider leaving a review and 5 star rating for the podcast.

Thank you for listening, and sharing with others. Until next time, "go out and grow some pineapples and mend some fences".