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Hello Good Neighbor

Feb 13, 2021

In this episode of Hello Good Neighbor, we will explore the concept of the commute. Years ago I heard of how Sara Blakely, Founder and CEO of SPANX would purposely add some travel time to her morning commute to prepare for the day ahead. This got me thinking about how we manage our time throughout our commutes, our days. 

How do we prepare for the day ahead, for leaving the day behind, or for the next person we meet? There is so much more to this topic, and I won't fit it all into this one episode. 

In 2020, a worldwide pandemic started, and people's lives were changed, their commutes were altered or eliminated. Our lives were changed. Some embraced the change and are shifting gears to a "work from anywhere" concept. But for those who caught in the whirlwind of work, education, and life, I wanted to give some hope and direction for your altered daily routine.

It will be up to each of us to find our place and stride in this new era. Enjoy the episode and join the conversation over at our community on FaceBook, "Hello Good Neighbor".