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Hello Good Neighbor

Mar 21, 2021

Hello Good Neighbor,

In Episode 8, I have the pleasure to introduce you to April Roga. April is a former Broadcaster (88.5 WKPX) and a self-described People Connector. She's passionate about empowering special needs parents while helping them discover the inner beauty and strength within their kids.

 She can be found on FaceBook at: 

... where a simple DM will  get you on the path to connecting, or over on the "Clubhouse" App (for IOS) where she and her husband Roy, host two clubs:

>Autism and Beyond -  #Netfriending Way 

>Netfriending and Beyond

Leading up to Autism Awareness Month, I wanted to share our conversation with you, in preparation for conversations that may come up or you may already be having.

Autism is a lifestyle that is all around us. It is not chosen by the individual, but others will have an influence on the lives of those who experience this spectrum of life. We are all unique in our abilities, our talents, and our giftings. 

My hope for this episode is that you will have an insight into one family's journey and how they are impacting the world with their story.

The conversations in our neighborhood are expanding. Thank you for listening and I hope you are encouraged by this episode.